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Apichart Kongkunyaan : He is the editor-in-chief of UFA88S and is a consultant on the marketing strategies of many leading companies abroad.

Apichat: A person who seeks knowledge since he was young. It has outstanding abilities from a young age. He grew up in a middle class family. During his childhood, his father worked at a casino and often invited him to work. This made him absorb various methods from a young age. During his school years, he pursued his education and was able to win a scholarship to a prestigious university in Macao, giving him more hands-on casino experience.

Apichat: Interned at a leading casino company. And has been working for at least 7 years, giving him a lot of experience in the field of gambling With knowledge and ability, he is an organizational executive at only 29 years old and continues to strive for further self-improvement. to make the casino industry he oversees grow as much as possible.

Apichat: He is an inspiration and helps many others to achieve their dreams. not only that He has also created highly qualified personnel for well-established organizations such as SBOBET and Arksmebet, who are considered men of potential, knowledge and talent from their respective organizations.

Apichart Kongkunyaan

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